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Why Are Things Creepy?
Nama:Why Are Things Creepy?
Date:02 July 2013
Type:Video to Mp3

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SOURCES & more creepy stuff below:

John Bergeron's SINGING ANDROIDS [videos]:

SHAYE ST. John [videos]:

"Die in a week" image from MarbleHornets:

Nightmare-fuel image collections:

dot jpg??

scared of heights? don't watch this:

More info about "The Hands Resist Him" painting:

Creepypasta (unnerving stories):

aphobia: people who don't feel fear:

sad, terrifying study on learning fear (Little Albert Experiment):

scariest things:

fear processing in brain:

Stephen King on types of scary stuff:

Claude Levi Strauss on masks and why CLOWNS ARE SCARY:

Uncanny Valley:

image metrics video:

paper on "creepiness":

famous Cognitive Dissonace study on behavior [with video]:

High Place Phenomenon study:

HPP paper:

terrible and terrific etymology (it's called "amelioration"):

Laurie Lipton does GREAT creepy drawings:

creepy people LITERALLY give you chills:

creepy things kids say:

these are scary:

creepy subreddits (some may be nsfw):

what I listened to while researching this episode (playlist):


music by
trip hop and 'spooky' music from

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